IMPORTANT: cPanel Single Domain Linux Hosting Package User Guide

The information listed below describes the various sections and buttons/features visible within your cPanel Single Domain Linux Hosting package with UL Hosting.

Accessing cPanel

Uploading Content to your cPanel Single Domain Linux Hosting Package

To upload content to your Hosting package through an FTP client, use only FTPS on Port 21. (Anchor: ftps)

Some FTP clients support both FTPS modes: Explicit and Implicit. In such FTP clients, the Explicit (FTPES) mode needs to be selected.

List of Popular FTP Clients that Support FTPS

Using cPanel

  • All instructions for using your cPanel interface are available in the cPanel User Guide. See details

  • Management of both Email and DNS is available in your cPanel interface itself.

The following is a list of limitations with regards to some of the features mentioned in the above-mentioned User Guide:

  • Shell access: Your cPanel Single Domain Linux Hosting Package does not allow access via any shell client. You may instead either use FTP or use the File Manager interface within your cPanel to upload content.

  • cPanel Password Modification: You may reset your cPanel Password from your Control Panel itself. This functionality is not available through your cPanel interface. See details